Words No One Wants to Hear

There are certain words that people tend not to want to hear but it seems that death., dying, or dead are at the top of the list. This past year has brought each of those words to the forefront. I have lost family and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic, with COVID-19 often playing a direct or indirect role. Most recently, my brother.

Even when one has faith, you still feel the pain and anguish of losing someone you love and deeply care about. Someone who played a pivotal role in your life. Someone who loved you for who you were, are and would become. Losing a loved one creates a hole in the fabric of one’s life that is difficult, if not impossible, to fill. Which brings me back to the central concept here of faith and how does it provide a foundation for dealing with life’s unexpected developments?

There are stories in Scarred But Unscathed: Growing in Faith where someone’s death played a critical role in shapng the life and perspective of the one left behind. The ones remaining were mothers and friends. Those individuals share how they grew through the passing of loved ones. Given the circumstances of the past year and a half, many of us have had to traverse that experience. I know I have. Have you? Scarred But Unscathed: Growing in Faith may provide you with insights into that experience. If you’ve had to live through the passing of a loved one, how did you make your way?

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