What Was Surprising in Writing This Book?

The first scheduled book discussion about “Scarred But Unscathed: Growing in Faith” was held this past Friday evening, March 26th, via ZOOM. One of the attendees asked me “What was surprising in writing this book?” I had not given that much thought prior to that evening and as I reflected on the process it struck me that one of the surprising elements was just how open the interviewees were with critical times in their lives. They often shared intimate details of experiences that they may or may not have shared previously with anyone, including their families. I am honored and humbled that they trusted their stories to me.

As I reviewed journal notes from earlier times in my life, I came cross events that I had not shared with anyone. The strength and courage of those I interviewed inspired me to share as well. How could I ask the interviewees to share and make themselves vulnerable if I was not willing to do the same? Something about sharing….. There is a certain freedom that comes with no longer having to direct energy to keeping something inside. There is also a new-found strength that is gained from sharing. That was surprising!

As you read “Scarred But Unscathed: Growing in Faith” take note of things that surprised you when you read? Were they things that resonated with your life? To what degree did those things make you reflect about time periods in your life and how you dealt with various situations and experiences? Leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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