Moving Forward…..?

Everywhere I look I see another article about how do we move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic….at least for the United States. Other countries have not yet arrived at a time when conversations can even start about determining what is the new normal. It is amazing to think that everyone in the world has some story or stories to tell about their experiences of living in, during and through a pandemic. A pandemic whose proportions and tolls are yet being analyzed and tallied each day. A pandemic that no one saw coming and the likes of which have not been seen in over 100 years.

Scared But UnScathed: Growing in Faith is a book of people’s experiences as they came through a variety of life experiences. These experiences were similar to the COVID-19 pandemic in that they were unexpected and exacted certain tolls on each individual. Each story contained in the book relays just how they moved forward and what each person has to say about that experience now. Each person had to make the best decision he or she could with the information and resources available at the time and then move forward.

Think about your experience during this past year and a half. Think about how you are now making decisions regarding how you’ll move forward from this point….what things will you continue doing….what things will fall by the wayside….what new things will you create……or what changes will make in how you live your life? Moving forward. We all do it one way or another. Are you scarred by the events of the past year and a half? Probably in one way or another. But will you allow your experience to mar your future or will you come through having gained insights that will allow you to be unscathed? Your call.

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